Allan R. Smith: Author/Collaborator

I met Trey “Osee” Fagan when I was introduced to him through mutual Marine Corps brothers, and a great friendship ensued.  While attending an event for his Operation Barnabas, he had mentioned the book project and the arduous process of trying to put something like this together.  Having a history of writing and authoring a book, I offered to help in any way I could. 

My time in the Marine Corps was a decade before his, but my bond to the Marine Corps brotherhood and esprit de corps are timeless. It’s rare in life that you meet people that are bonafide leaders and those that want to make a difference and give back.  I quickly found the Gunny to be that man and when he asked for help, I was all in.

The stories you will read in the “Untold Stories of Valhalla” are personal. Personal to the deepest core of a man and of the writer.  These first-hand accounts of the warriors lost will cut deep into your soul. I hope through reading the stories that they will spark an emotion within you that these men were not just a number, but brothers, fathers, and most of all, the most highly skilled Marines that gave all in the pursuit of a better life for others.

It’s never been more important to keep the stories of these men alive and often we hear of those that have been KIA as just a number. Through this book, the hope is that you will learn about who these men were and will NEVER forget their name or their sacrifice.






Trey “Osee” Fagan: Author/Collaborator


Welcome to “The Untold Stories of Valhalla” book project.  I am the founder of this project and have 17 years working in the Marine Raider, Recon, and Sniper Community.  All of these heroic accounts are authored by operators just like myself, all with the same goal in mind.  That goal is to honor the Fallen Heroes and provide support for the families.


Each chapter is authored by an operator very close to the fallen hero, one who witnessed him in combat multiple times, and typically on the battlefield with him the day the hero lost his life.  This committee of warriors gives first-hand accounts of key battles, firefights, and medevacs, explaining some of the most heroic acts during combat in the last 15 years.